Canon Technology Library

If you want to get right down to the nitty gritty (as a great man once said) regarding digital camera technology, you really need to check out Canon’s Technology Library. This microsite (although I hesitate to use the term “micro”) has a whole stack of information on everything Canon from DIGIC, to CMOS versus CCD, to EOS evolution (including comparisons between film and digital), you name it. Most of this information, while being obviously Canon-specific, is of general relevance to digital photography.

Mamiya ZD release info

Mamiya say: “Mamiya are pleased to announce that initial production tests of the ZD camera have been successful. To ensure that the camera meets the high demands and requirements of the professional photographer there are significant field tests now taking place in Japan. It is estimated that these tests will conclude at the end of March and that once any modifications have been implemented full production will start and then be launched during summer 05.” Prices to be confirmed, but “no more than £8,000” for the body has been mentioned.

Domipix change-over

The main domain has now been changed to host the blog previously at The photos that were previously at will be integrated into a new section of this site. [All content is available at pbase.]

Sigma go zoom-crazy!

Sigma have also announced the 11x zoom 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 DC. This is an extremely compact package giving you 35mm equivalent of 28.8-320mm on a Canon 20D or Rebel. As a user of the 18-125mm I can say that this certainly interests me as a possible replacement – Sigma manage to squeeze more quality into that zoom factor than seems possible. Let’s see if this even wider range can follow up on that.

Sigma 10-20mm F4.0-5.6 EX DC HSM

An interesting super-wide zoom from Sigma is the 10-20mm with HSM focusing. Always the tricky area for APS-C cameras, getting down to a 35mm equivalent of 15 or 16mm is a welcome addition to the lens selection.

Polaroid X530 available

The very interesting (to me, anyway ;) Polaroid X530 with Foveon X3 sensor has finally become available, albeit in the US only. I’d almost decided to go the Sigma SLR route for the Foveon sensor, so it’s certainly interesting to see it in a compact. It should be interesting to see the output of this… It’s also nice to see they restyled the camera from the original designs.

EOS 350D Samples

If you’re interested in seeing some output from Canon’s 350D/Rebel XT, DPReview have just posted some. Nothing jumps out at me as being amazingly good, and there seems to be some issues with dynamic range. Then again, most of these were shot with what looks like some punishing sunlight…