Trying out some lighting with my most reliable model

2007-12-11-191419-IMG_0028 2007-12-12-183616-IMG_0041
2007-12-12-183533-IMG_0039 2007-12-12-184641-IMG_0063

So, because all my friends are too chicken to pose for me, I decided I’d have to do a bit of tethered shooting to try some lighting out. This is a first time I’ve used EOS Capture on the Mac, and it’s quite workable. Pretty good, even, if I wanted to get effusive.

All these shots are variations on two 285HVs into silver umbrellas, one on each side, except for the obvious gelled background shot. Triggers are Gadget Infinity originals, which for the price you can’t argue with, but now I’ve got Pocket Wizards so I can combine my reliable model with reliable triggers.