Sigma DP1 samples on DPReview

Sigma DP1

Digital Photography Review has some samples from a beta of Sigma’s upcoming and LONG-awaited large-sensor compact DP1.

From what I can tell having a very quick look at these is that the detail as you’d expect with a Foveon sensor, and the dynamic range looks pretty too. Colour aberrations look pretty controlled in that lens too, as is lens flare, including when the sun is right in the shot.

Also to be expected, but nice to see pretty much confirmed is the very low noise on the ISO 800 sample. What little noise there is looks like “nice noise” too – nothing to make you recoil. That’s the main conflict of compact cameras for me: the times when I really need something smaller to shoot with is also exactly when I need good high ISO and/or low-light performance, like in a bar or club.

Yet another item for the Gearlust list! <sigh>


Nikon COOLPIX S1 in Ivory WhiteRight out of leftfield (for Nikon) is their answer to Sony’s nice supercompacts: COOLPIX S1. Using folded optics, that they imaginatively call “right-angle” optics, the specs are the usual: 5.1Mp, 3x zoom (35-105mm equiv.) The LCD looks decent: 2.5inch covering most of the back, Sony T3-style. It’s available in “Ivory White” (iVory White?), “Pure Silver” and “Ebony Black” and comes with a dock which isn’t as nice to look at as the camera. Obviously much better than in SonyLand, the S1 uses standard SD cards. It also has 12Mb internally, so you can grab a few shots when your card’s full. It’s got face-priority AF, which I’ve never witnessed but would like to try out. Blur Warning looks like a good idea, too – a warning after taking the shot that probably it was messed up by shake, so you better shoot another to be safe. Anyway, if you need to, read more on the official press release.

Polaroid X530 available

The very interesting (to me, anyway ;) Polaroid X530 with Foveon X3 sensor has finally become available, albeit in the US only. I’d almost decided to go the Sigma SLR route for the Foveon sensor, so it’s certainly interesting to see it in a compact. It should be interesting to see the output of this… It’s also nice to see they restyled the camera from the original designs.