Yet more insanity/manipulation/demonisation/*

They’re at it again. The authorities want to make photography a criminal activity, at least as far as I can tell. And they want you to get involved.

This has been reported everywhere, and the web is teeming with responses to it.

The Met goes mad

One of the most apt responses was this:

Terrorists have beards! Not, it's true.

Or maybe I just found it interesting because of the beard angle ;) I doubt the USofA would let me in with my passport photo! Here’s what Jesús (no, not *that* one) thinks of it:

If you’re good, I’ll let you see it…

(*Delete as applicable.)

Mind That Child!

Not a new phenomenon but certainly more and more in the collective consciousness, taking pictures (gasp!) of children (gasp!) even when they’re *your* children is deemed “inappropriate”.

[photo: from MEN, but I assume by Steve Brook]